Developing a good habit, in anything, takes time and experience.  Establishing financial habits, that are good for you, are not any different.  But, the effort it will take to develop responsible spending habits and good financial practices will be worth your while.

Bad decisions can lead to financial problems.  To keep on making these bad decisions will just dig the financial hole deeper.  You need to identify bad habits, learn to understand why you make them, and then find ways to counter making these mistakes on a regular basis.

It is okay to make a financial mistake and then learn from it.  It is not acceptable to let these mistakes turn into bad habits that keep repeating.



Reaping the Benefits of good Financial Habits:

  1. Learn to use Credit Cards Responsibly: It is not bad to have a credit card account or two.  You can use it for emergencies and some credit cards use rewards points systems that you can use for later for something special.  Be careful to not develop spending habits that will be more than your monthly income.  Pay off your credit card balances as soon as possible.  Do not buy things that will need an extended pay-off time.
  2. Know how much you’re Monthly Bills and other Essential Needs will be: When you do not know what your essential expenses are, you won’t know how much money to put aside to keep up to date with payments.  You need to know your income and the amount of money you need to pay bills, groceries, school fees, transport, etc. before you can start spending money on other things.  Do not spend on extras when there is nothing left for extras.
  3. Keeping your Appliances and Products well Maintained: When you regularly have the oil in your car changed, you can save money on gas and also extend the work life of the car.  Keeping appliances in good working condition you can save on replacement and repair costs.  Have the furnace maintained by a professional before winter comes, each year.  You will lower the costs of energy and extend the life of your furnace.  Having your roof inspected once a year will protect your home and prevent you from missing small repairs that can become huge replacements.

Understanding the fundamental rules and taking the steps towards controlling your finances will ensure more money in your pocket and it will also ensure a life that is a lot easier without financial worries.